Erica Mitchell is a style expert based out of Indianapolis, Indiana with more than a decade of styling expertise.

Starting as a model in the mid-90′s, she quickly found a love not only for the fashion industry, but the business of style. She soon discovered that correct fit and shape could transform a body, no matter the form.

While living in Dallas, Texas, Erica worked with Barbizon, coaching aspiring models and young ladies the art of correct posture, poise, and style. She also coached runway, makeup application, and photo movement classes.

The world of high fashion and modeling has long held a stigma of being unhealthy and of often practicing dangerous dieting methods. In an effort to curtail those negative images, Erica began advocating for better health and wellness within in the modeling industry and obtained her personal trainer certification through the Cooper Institute.

An Indianapolis resident since 2006, Erica still practices personal training with a clientele list of some of the biggest movers and shakers of the city. She is sought after by many independent musicians, local celebrities, and the everyday Jane’s that want to discover their own signature look.

She brings her style and fitness expertise to the individual that desires to look, feel, and enhance their own unique best.