Kristi Francisco Sarmiento

“I had the best experience shopping with Erica.  We began with a goal to update my everyday wardrobe with stylish pieces that flattered my figure, and a budget of $1,000.  Shopping typically overwhelms me, but Erica took all of the stress out of the experience.  In no time, she had collected a stack of designer jeans, tees, blazers, jewelry, shoes and handbags; almost all of which fit me to a T. ”

“In the course of one day, I acquired an entirely new wardrobe, complete with accessories and didn’t spend one dime more than my budget!”

“She showed me how adding a blazer or a pair of heels to an otherwise casual outfit to dress it up for evening.  She helped me understand what looks best on my body type and gave me more confidence to shop for myself.  Best of all, it was so much fun!  I will definitely call Erica again when I decide to update my wardrobe.”


Darla Kendrick

“Erica has been my stylist and close friend for fifteen years.   She helped me pick out stylish designer clothes in college and on through to a new maternity wardrobe 10 years later.  She has an amazing knack for accessorizing, mixing and matching, and has always stayed inside our budget.  She can throw something together I would never have even known was an option in my closet.”

“I love to go shopping with Erica because I know I’ll always leave with something I never would have noticed if she hadn’t been there with me. She has an eye for fashion with any style and the fact that she can shop on any budget is truly a talent!”